Pro-“Palestinian” activists interrupt John Kerry

by Micha Gefen

Former Secretary of State under Barack Obama John Kerry had some surprising “guests” at his speech. Pro-“Palestinian” activists interrupted Kerry with chants of “Free Palestine!”

Ironically, John Kerry was considered one of the most pro-“Palestinian” Secretary of State’s of all time. More than that, Kerry is currently advising the Iranian government on how to best handle the Trump administration.

So why are the protestors in the above video so virulent in crashing the speech of the one guy who would more than likely be holding one of the “Free Palestine” signs himself if he wasn’t still on pretend mode?

The answer is simple: the anti-semitic genie is out of the bottle and even Kerry can’t control it anymore. While Kerry has always been a closet anti-semite in the guise of being (a balanced partner for peace) his cronies on the left make no bones about their desire to destroy Israel and ultimately the ability for the Jewish people to express their freedom within their ancient homeland.

The only thing that stops Kerry from fully articulated his belief that Israel is a state “born in sin” is that he needs some cover for his nefarious activities with Iran and the PLO.

Arab Incitement
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