President Trump Pulls the Rug Out From Under the “Palestinian” Arabs

by Avi Abelow

Reports that President Trump is planning on stopping US funding for UNRWA, as well as changing the number of refugees, pulls the rug out from the lies of the “palestinian” narrative. Dick Morris, political author, commentator and general political consultant, exposes the underlying significance of President Trump’s intended steps regarding defunding UNRWA and refugees.

Big Announcement
The Trump administration has decided to cancel all its funding to UNRWA, a unique agency which has been maintaining the refugee status of more than five million people who never left home, the Washington Post reported Thursday night.

The White House will make the announcement in a few weeks, according to the Post, eliminating for at least 90% of the people calling themselves “Palestinian refugees” their “right of return” to the homes their grandparents and great grandparents fled in 1948.


The decision to stop $300 million in funding in UNRWA, is a policy based on reality. The United Nations has a refugee organization that helps resettle refugees from all over the world, except the refugees from the Arab-Israeli war in 1948. They are the only refugee population in the world to have their own organization, which is proportionally bigger than the organization responsible for refugees from all over the world!

The Big Lie: Refugees

The whole “palestinian” war against Israel is to destroy Israel via what they call “the right of return”. Why are the Arabs from the Arab-Israeli war the only population in the world to have a “right” to return to homes they lost in a war that they started! The world is filled with populations who lost their homes due to wars, yet the world only recognizes the “right” of the Arabs to return to Israel. They lost a war. They lost their homes. Yet they demand the world to return them to their lost homes. They keep their own people in horrible refugee camps for 70 years so they can have lots of great pr opportunities to make Israel look bad. But it is not Israel keeping them in refugee camps! The Palestinian Authority has had 25 years to build new housing for the Arabs still in refugee camps under their authority in Judea & Samaria, yet they have not. Hamas has not built housing for the Gazan Arabs in refugee camps. The world has given billions of dollars in aid, yet none of it was used to help build new housing for people who still call themselves “refugees”.

The majority of the people are NOT refugees. And that is exactly the big lie that President Trump is killing from their narrative.

The best thing about President Trump is he is out to peel away the lies and manipulation, so that policies based on truth and justice can be enforced.

Thank you President Trump.

Dr. Risch

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