President Biden’s special envoy to Iran admitted he supports terrorists

by Phil Schneider

Appeasement is alive and well in the highest levels of leadership of the United States today. The President of the United States is appointing people to negotiate with Iran that believe that in order to have a good negotiation, you want to have a strong side on the other hand. This kind of reasoning is akin to pre-World War II negotiators saying that it would be better for Hitler to succeed in conquering Poland and Czechoslovakia and Austria. Then, if Hitler is strong, we’ll be able to have a good and fair negotiation. The logic is mystifying. Who actually believes this stuff?

Then answer is Barack Obama. Obama artfully uses words that make it very plain to see that he supports a strong Iran and a weakened Israel. It is hard to stomach that this indeed what the leader of the free world for eight years believes, but the Iran deal makes it crystal clear that this is indeed true. Now, during the Biden puppet Presidency, the same kind of mindsets that dominated the Obama Presidency are now in the halls of power. It’s basically the proteges and assistants of the previous Obama administration that are now serving in the State Department, and diplomatic core of the United States.

We must never forget that the price for appeasement in World War II was hundreds of thousands of wounded and killed American servicemen. Appeasement is the most under-rated dangerous foreign policy. If Iran is not stopped, the entire world will be held hostage to their threats within the next decade.

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