Powerful Song: Young Israeli Hero Fought Terrorists Like King David

by Leah Rosenberg

This young Israeli is the perfect example of an Israeli hero. He fought unarmed on October 7, sacrificing his life for his people.

Israeli Hero Fought like King David on October 7

“In memory of Jonathan Elazari. On the weekend of October 7, Jonathan went to visit his friends at the pre-military preparatory school in Ofakim, where he studied before being drafted into the army. When the attack began, Jonathan, who was unarmed, decided not to stay in the shelter and went outside to fight the terrorists with stones in his hands. During battles until his fall, Jonathan managed to fiercely fight the enemies and beat them, as well as to help evacuate the wounded who were hit by gunfire and thus save their lives.

Project ‘Heroes’ began with the outbreak of the war when Gilad Segev wrote and uploaded spontaneous texts dedicated to the heroes of the events and their heroic stories. When the posts received tens of thousands of shares in Israel and around the world, Gilad decided to compose and record the texts, which led to a musical album, a joint creation together with the producer Gilad Shmueli.”

Yonaton Elazari was a true Israeli hero. He fought with his hands, using stones to stop the terrorists. He acted like King David. His strength and commitment to the Jewish people is something that must be remembered forever. Some heroes wear capes. Others wear their dedication to the Jewish people. Some heroes have superpowers. Others have an internal strength that is more heroic than anything else. The Jewish nation will never be defeated.

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