Portland officer fired from football coaching after 20 years because of the far Left

by Phil Schneider

Are the police the problem in America? Well, of course, there are some cops that are problematic, and problematic people who wield weapons and are in charge of enforcing the law are a big problem. That is why it is very important for all police departments to have strict rules about law enforcement. But the main problems today do not revolve around the police officers. They revolve around the lack of law enforcement due to the defund the police movement.

The defund the police movement is one of the most destructive political forces in recent history. It is a classic case of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Crime and racism do not exist because of the law enforcement authorities. They exist because of ideological biases, the breakdown of the family unit, and the lack of proper law enforcement. Many studies have shown that the main reason for crime and juvenile delinquency are due to the family breakdown across large swatch in America. When a stable family with a mother and father raise stable children, they tend to not become violent rioters nor violent policemen or people who hate others due to their race.

There is indeed a solution to the social ills of the world – invest in the family, tighten the borders, and elect leaders that do not focus on polarizing, but rather on uniting the American population. The police are necessary. They are much more important than social workers at dealing with crime. Most importantly, they are more effective. But the social workers are vital at helping people go back to the family values they may have been deprived of in their youth. So, there is a kernel of truth in the madness of the defund police movement.

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