The place in Jerusalem where diversity meets

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jerusalem marketplace is unlike any other place you’ll ever go to. It is unique, exciting, fun, and entertaining. Just come and see for yourself!

Jerusalem Marketplace

The Jerusalem Marketplace, otherwise known as Machane Yehuda or “The Shuk” is a fascinating place. There is the indoor section and the outdoor section. Venders sell everything from fruits and vegetables to eggs and baked goods. There are also restaurants, gift stores, and more. Walking through the Shuk gives the feeling of an ancient place meeting modern times. You also feel the diversity of cultures and people. You will walk through different smells as you make your way through the crowd – the fish, the spices, the baked goods, and anything else you can imagine.

Many tourists who come to Israel love going to the Jerusalem marketplace. They feel that their trip cannot be complete without that visit.


Another thing that any tourist will realize as they walk through the shuk is the fact that Israel is the farthest thing from being an apartheid state. Don’t believe it? Just take a look for yourself. People of all different religions make their way through the marketplace everyday. No one is judged. No one is tormented. No one feels discrimination. The Jerusalem marketplace is a place where people can be themselves and be proud of it. You probably cannot say that about other marketplaces in the Middle East.

So the next time you come to Israel, don’t forget to visit Machane Yehuda – Jerusalem’s finest marketplace. You surely won’t regret it!


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