Parent Scorches School Board for Censoring Public Comment

by Phil Schneider

School Boards are now one of the many locations across the United States of America where censorship is rampant. The freedom of speech which is so precious in the United States of America and is one of the most critical aspects of the US Constitution. The Supreme Court properly ruled that “vehement and caustic” comments are acceptable. But, that does not mean that all speech is absolutely fine. What are the red lines of what is lawful and what is unlawful speech?

Freedom of Speech should indeed be a cherished idea. We accept this as a basic human right. But the threat we face today is based on the new norms of masses claiming that they have the right to NOT have to listen to other’s viewpoints. That anybody has the right to be offended by other’s viewpoints and therefore SILENCE them. This is truly dangerous. Silencing is something that should be reserved to truly extenuating circumstances.

Name-calling is truly not a high-class form of speech. Former President Trump turned it into an art form. Those who spoke against this childish manner of speaking were absolutely within their rights – and one could argue, their responsibility – to criticize a sitting President for name-calling his opponents. But silencing is a very dangerous slope. Once political correctness becomes the norm, the world becomes a small place without a plurality of opinions. Those who say that we are in an emergency situation are correct. We must not let our opinions be silenced by woke arguments that are based on some people’s feelings to rewrite history.

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