“Palestinians” Are Furious Israel Will Be Involved With Investigating “Journalist’s” Death

by David Mark

When Shiren Abu Akleh an activist-journalist working for Al Jazeera was killed in Jenin, the blame targeting Israel reached to all parts of the world.

The problem was, the “palestinian” medical team and investigators refused to release any forensic evidence proving Israeli troops were guilty. The PA only now has released the bullet they claim killed the “journalist,” but they released it to an independent American team that is allowing Israelis to be present to verify the facts surrounding the ballistic evidence.

Jenin has been a hotbed of terror for decades and is often the legitimate target of Israeli anti-terror units in hopes of preempting terror cells before they launch attacks against Israeli civilians.

Abu Akleh was killed when she positioned herself close enough to terror cells the Israelis were targeting. While often times Israel is blamed erroneously, even if they killed Abu Akleh, they were not targeting her.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz already said the following a little over a month ago:

“First and foremost that I am very sorry for what happened. Secondly, currently we do not know what was the direct cause for Shireen’s death, and thirdly that I am, we are, very decisive to have a full-scale investigation of this process and we hope to get Palestinian cooperation on this issue, because without the report of the pathological surgery that she went through and the findings and the forensic findings, it will be very hard for us to figure out what exactly happened on the ground and it’s very important for us all.

The footage taken at the scene shows “palestinian” terrorists assuming they shot an IDF soldier only to find out it was Shiren Abu Akleh.

Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, it is clear the “palestinians” have taken advantage of the situation and marred Israel’s image yet again.

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