Palestinian Authority uses Facebook to praise terrorist who murdered 10 Israelis

by Leah Rosenberg

The Palestinian Authority uses Facebook. To promote peace and love? No. They use it to praise murderers and terrorists! What a sick culture.

Palestinian Authority Uses Facebook

The Palestinian Authority uses Facebook – but not in the way that would bring about any sort of peace. They use it to promote terrorism. They use it to applaud murderers for killing innocent Israelis! This video is just one example of what the Fatah, the Palestinian Authority, posts on its Facebook page.

Facebook can be used for the good. It can be used to spread ideas that change the world. It can be used to promote peace. But that is not what the Palestinian Authority uses it for. And they should be condemned for their misuse of social media. They should not be allowed on any social media platform! People who support the Palestinian Authority support the murder of Israelis. They agree with videos like these that the Fatah creates.

And it’s Israel’s Fault?

How can anyone blame Israel for lack of peace? The Israeli government is not the government that is promoting murder. The Israeli government is not the one that uses Facebook for hatred. Israel’s so-called “peace partner” does all of that.

So please, do not blame Israel. Do not do it at the United Nations. Not on social media. Do not do it on TV. Israel deserves some praise for its ability to be so loving and peaceful when it is surrounded by anything but love and peace.

Arab Incitement
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