Palestinian Arabs are Going Absolutely Mad

by Avi Abelow

The palestinian Arabs are going mad! Totally mad! It is actually beautiful to witness! Because their web of lies is coming apart!


Recent headlines across the media herald the news of the upcoming ceremony of the UAE-Israel deal:

“President Trump to host Israel and the UAE for a historic signing at the White House next week” and if that is not bad enough to sideline the palestinian Arabs, they also have to deal with this latest rejection from their Arab Muslim brothers:

“The Arab League rejects Palestinian Authority Demand to condemn the UAE-Israel deal”

Unbelievable! For the first time ever the Arab League said NO to condemn Israel! 

The palestinan Arabs are livid, and alone and it is beautiful to see the beginning of a reality based on truth.

Interestingly enough, months ago the palestinian Arabs were celebrating the fact that the Arab League joined them in rejected Trump’s deal of the century.

Yet, today they are being abandoned by that same Arab League and they are going absolutely mad!

Why? Because they are no longer the center of attention. They are no longer the issue unifying the Arab world. 

The Arab world is now sick of them for holding back progress in the Arab world, because the Arab world has so much to gain from the Jews of Israel! Not every country is willing to take the steps that the UAE have taken, but still, by rejecting the Palestinian Authority demand to condemn the UAE-Israel deal, most of these Arab Muslim countries are exhibiting much more openness towards Israel, killing the global palestinian arab agenda that Israel must be boycotted, divested and sanctioned! 

Palestinian Authority Foriegn Minister said it best himself: “Instead of placating us… we have found ourselves in a situation where we have had to defend ourselves and our cause. We have even become the troublemakers,” Malki said.

Yup, exactly, the palestinians are the troublemakers!!!

Here is the irony of today’s situation. The whole cause of “palestine”  was created by the Arab League to destroy Israel in1964 because the Arab Muslim world failed to destroy Israel up to that point.  The Arab League Summit in Cairo in 1964 created the Palestine Liberation Organization, with the stated goal: “liberation of Palestine” through armed struggle while seeking to destroy the existence of Zionism in the Middle East.

That was the Arab League! Before 1964 there was no cause called “palestine”, and there was no nation of “palestinians”! All the Arabs in Judea and Samaria were Jordanians, and the Arabs in Gaza were Egyptians!
The cause called “palestine” was created by the Arab League as a strategic move to destroy Israel, since they were failing to destroy Israel on the conventional battlefield!  

The world has been duped into thinking that a historic people called “palestinians” deserve self-determination in their homeland, and that peace with the Arab world is impossible because Israel continuously rejects the world’s demands to destroy tons of Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria and expel hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes in order to establish a state called “palestine”, that never existed. We are always told, if Israel would only do that, then we will have peace. 

Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir shoots down that premise, simply, in this interview from years ago: 

And now, the Arab League, that created the cause called “palestine” to destroy Israel, is cutting off “palestine.”

Yes, Saudi Arabia is still demanding the creation of a state called “palestine” to normalize relations with Israel, but even without an official agreement, Israel and Saudi Arabia are working together in many ways. And the Arab League’s rejection of the Palestinian Authority’s demand to condemn the UAE-Israel deal is a HUGE blow to the palestinian Arabs. Huge. And they know it!

As Palestinan Authority Foreign Minister Riad Malki said about the deal: It is an earthquake that undermines joint Arab action against Israel and puts the palestinian Arabs on the defensive.


As former Middle East envoy for President Trump, Jason Greenblatt tweeted: “I wonder if the Palestinian leadership truly understands how isolated they’ve become in the Arab world. Arab league meeting was a metaphor for today’s landscape. Even beyond the Arab word.”


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