What Are The Worldwide Intentions Of The Anti-Israel “Palestine” Movement?

by Phil Schneider

Between the years of 1918 and 1948, the British Empire was in charge of the Land of Israel. There was no concept of Arab Palestinians back then. That was created many decades later.

The British defeated the Turkish Armies and took over the entire area that now includes Syria, Jordan, and large swaths of the Middle East. The area that is now called the State of Israel and surrounding areas was run by the British who decided to name the area, the British Mandate of Palestine. Jews, Arabs and Christians who lived in the area were ALL called Palestinians, or more specifically Jews who lived in Palestine, Arabs who lived in Palestine, or Christians who lived in Palestine.

There was nothing that signified a person from Palestine as being an Arab. It just referred to the area east of the Mediterranean. It NEVER referred to a people. Then, after the 1967 Six Day War, the myth was created, and a great worldwide anti-Israel marketing effort was invented to legitimize the movement to destroy the State of Israel.

But that is just the beginning. Much more is planned and the above video displays clearly that the ultimate goal of so much of the radical Muslim movement is so much more dangerous than people realize. And those who bury their heads in the sand and assume that the anti-Israel Palestine movement is really a human rights movement are just fooling themselves.

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