PA Official Calls Israel Nazis in front of EU Council Rep

by Leah Rosenberg

Does the EU not see the truth? The UN? Anyone? The Palestinian Authority does NOT want peace. It is so obvious!

Calling Israel Nazis before an EU Council Rep

It’s pretty disturbing. To call Israel, the one and only Jewish state, Nazis? In front of an EU Council representative? The Palestinian Authority, the “leaders” of the Palestinian Arabs, does not want peace. They have no interest in creating peace with Israel. All they want is to wipe Israel off the map and to kill Jews. They call Israel Nazis and pretend that the Jews are trying to eliminate the “Palestinian” people. The opposite is true! The “Palestinians” are trying to eliminate the Jewish people. The truth is in the clear facts. You just need to look at reality and what is actually happening. Which side carries out terrorist attacks daily? The Palestinian Arabs. Which side incites violence and brainwashes its children to hate? The Palestinian Arabs.

Listen to the songs of the Palestinian Arabs. Read their school textbooks. Look at their actions. Enough of the world believing this insanity and blaming Israel.

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