PA Fatah member revealed what “peaceful” uprising really means

by Avi Abelow

The Fatah is the party that currently controls the “Palestinian” people. This one short clip says all you need to know about them.

Fatah Promotes Murder

The Fatah is not a political party that wants to help the “Palestinian” people. It is a party that promotes murder, violence, and hate. This one short video says a lot. If you knew nothing else about Fatah besides what it shows here, you would get a good idea at what that party represents. “Those representing ‘Palestine’ must be prepared to sacrifice blood,” is what they say. The “Palestinian” leadership teaches its people to murder and spill Jewish blood. They don’t value life at all – even that of their own people.

It is horrific to listen to. How can they promote so much murder? And what is even crazier is that the world justifies it! The world claims that Israel is a barbaric country; that Israel kills innocent people. That is a blood libel! You don’t even need to see more videos than this to know that the other side is the one that kills and is barbaric, not Israel.

But the world never cares that Israel is just defending itself as “Palestinians” call for violent uprisings and slaughter innocent Jewish men, women, and children. Sadly, the world never seems to care about the truth.

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