The organization building the future of Israel in the Negev

by Shira Epstein

The future of Israel is in the hands of it’s inhabitants. Israel was founded by pioneers who saw the urgent need to build a Jewish State.  Today, we need to ensure the future of Israel will only be positive.

The State of Israel was founded in 1948. In just 70 years, Israel has so much to boast about. It’s a leading country in high tech. The only democratic country in the region – I could go on and on. Just under 70 years later, and the population has grown to close to 8.5 million.  Most estimates indicate that Israel will double its population over the next 20-30 years.

But with this growth in population, there is an ever growing need to increase and improve the infrastructure and housing availability. In recent years, we have seen people moving north and south. The building of new roads and railways makes travel to the center of the country more accessible. But it is now time to stop the center of the country being the epicenter of our beautiful country.

OR Movement

OR Movement is an incredible organization looking after and thinking about the socio-economic needs of the people of Israel. These people are the 21st century pioneers of Israel.  They are making the desert bloom. Transforming the Negev from a barren desert to a place where families will live and businesses will thrive.  Making Israel less dependent on just one area in the country will only make it a stronger and a better place to live in. There will be more employment, affordable housing with employment opportunities nearby. Families will be able to lead good lives – building and nurturing the future generations of Israel.

To date, OR Movement have founded 9 new communities and helped 68 older communities grow. OR Movement are looking after the State of Israel and ensuring that it will only grow and go from strength to strength. They recognize the need to look after the social needs of the country. To make more affordable housing, which will in turn make the economy stronger and Israel a more powerful country.

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