One of the greatest Jewish theologians gave a timeless elections message

by Leah Rosenberg

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks was one of the greatest Jewish theologians and philosophers in modern times. Jews and non-Jews alike have been inspired by him.

Jewish Theologians Who Better Us

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks was the Chief Rabbi of the UK from 1991-2013. He just passed away on November 7, 2020 from cancer. Rabbi Sacks is one of the most well known Jewish Orthodox philosophers and Jewish theologians and has written countless books. His recent death has left a void in the world. There was something about him that made the world better and brighter. Whoever encountered Rabbi Sacks or his works also wanted to be better and brighter.

Although Rabbi Sacks gave this Ted Talk after the last elections, it is chilling how relevant it still is. It is almost as if he just said it.

We the People

Rabbi Sacks addresses such crucial aspects in his speech. One takeaway point that can change the world for the better is the concept of “We the people,” which he mentions toward the end of his speech. We need to get back to that collective identity that we once had. We must get rid of that selfish and self-absorbed lifestyle that has been permeating our culture.

Although this talk was given years ago, it is almost more relevant today than it was then. Violent protests and anger have taken over America. Destruction has become a normal sight to see. Americans forgot what America stands for. And this speech by Rabbi Sacks gives the cure that can help heal the broken America and the broken world.

The future does not have to be scary. But that requires people to be united. It requires people to be an “us” and not a “me.” The world needs to be a “we” and not an “I.” It might take time and effort. It might be challenging. But it will be well worth it.

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