One of Israel’s top advocates speaks about a different virus that is plaguing the world

by Leah Rosenberg

One of Israel’s top advocates is Michael Dickson. He is the executive director of StandWithUs Israel, and he is making a huge difference.

One of Israel’s Top Advocates on Antisemitism

StandWithUS is an organization that has done so much good for Israel and the Jewish people. It is such an important job in this world to stand up for the Jewish state and nation. Michael Dickson was named one of the “40 global advocates for Israel.” Being one of Israel’s top advocates is an honor. He is helping fight the war against antisemitism, and he is helping to win it.


One of the things that Dickson discussed at the Knesset was education. Many are misinformed about Israel. He refers to antisemitism as a “virus” that is “contagious.” It truly is. Especially because of how fast hateful information is spread these days. Information is so readily available nowadays that people see things and believe them without factchecking. And that is why combatting the false information with the truth is crucial to helping combat antisemitism. If the other side is going to keep spreading lies, we need to bombard the internet and social media with more truth. We need to have the truth be the default information that people see. Education is the antidote, or at least part of it. We may not be able to control everything that happens in the world, but G-d wants us to do our part to help better the world. And fighting for Israel and the Jewish people is definitely something that makes the world a better place.

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