On anniversary of 9/11, UN Rights chief sides with terrorists

by Leah Rosenberg

You hear this headline, and you think it must be a joke. But then you hear what the UN Rights chief said, and you are left completely speechless.

UN Watch Calls Out UN Rights Chief

The UN Rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, made a grave mistake. She sided with Palestinian Arab terrorists and Hamas – on the anniversary of the worst terror attack on American soil, 9/11. Condemning Israel for protecting itself instead of condemning terrorists for murdering innocent Israelis not only shows ignorance, but it really shows antisemitism as well. How can anyone be foolish enough to side with Hamas over Israel, the ONLY democracy in the Middle East? Bachelet mentioned “unlawful killings and injuries of Palestinians by Israeli security forces.” The only unlawful killings and injuries of Palestinian Arabs is by their own leaders – by the Palestinian Authority and by Hamas. The other unlawful killings and injuries that, somehow, Michellet Bachelet forgot to mention is what Palestinian Arab terrorists have done to tens of thousands of innocent Israelis (men, women, children, and IDF soldiers).

On 9/11, Bachelet Let Terrorism Win

Has the UN totally lost the fight against terrorism by siding with it instead of confronting it and overcoming it? The UN Rights chief (and the UN at large) should be ashamed of herself. She brought dishonor to the thousands of victims of 9/11 and their families. She chose terrorism. Bachelet chose to criticize Israel instead of calling out the terrorists.

This is truly a disgrace. It is horrifying. Appalling. Unforgivable. The Human Rights Council is failing.

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