Not Feeling so “Lucky” Today? Stop and Check This Out

by Leah Rosenberg

8th Day, a Jewish band, hit the nail on the head with their upbeat song “Lucky.” Get your dancing shoes on for this one – you’ll need them.

8th Day- Lucky

This song by 8th Day is the perfect reminder that everything is exactly how it is supposed to be. The world is a puzzle, and all the pieces fit together. We might not see the finished product right now, but G-d does. And G-d knows. Each person is given exactly what he needs to accomplish his task in life. And sometimes, a nice Jewish song can remind us that.


(Courtesy of the band’s website)

Lucky lucky are we, lucky lucky are we 
Playing our notes in the symphony
Making the world what its supposed to be.

Lucky lucky are we, lucky lucky are we
Finding our way in history
Living right where we’re supposed to be.

Now it’s time for your big moment
The hour makes you golden
You didn’t ask but you were chosen
It’s not where you’ve been it’s where you’re goin’.

The last rung on the ladder
You’re the cleanup batter
Every clock that ticks is telling me
This is our time lucky are we.

Ashreinu, Ma Tov Chelkeinu, U’ma N’aim Goraleinu, U’ma Yofa Yerushoteinu.

Lucky lucky are we…

Young mothers pushing strollers
To beggars and high rollers
This holy puzzle’s coming clear
Every last piece is needed here.

Lone soldier Uber driver
Part time graphic designer
Any clock that ticks is telling me 
This is our time lucky are we.


Lucky lucky are we…

Students and their teachers 
Givers and the seekers, ashreinu
Skeptics and believers
Holy wedding singers, ashreinu
Lone soldier Uber driver
Part time graphic designer, ashreinu.

David Friedman Arugot Farm

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