Nikki Haley Tears Socialism Apart

by Phil Schneider

Is Nikki Haley exaggerating, or is socialism truly the greatest cause of human suffering? Well, there certainly are some nice sounding aspects to socialism. But all in all, she is exactly right. Socialist societies always sound very attractive in the beginning. After all, they help get rid of inequality – right? Wrong. Actually, there is probably no system that promotes inequality more than the system of socialism. But that’s just the beginning of the problem.

Nikki Haley has learned the lessons of history. The 20th century saw more suffering of a civilian population than any other time – perhaps in all of history. Due to modern weaponry being so much more destructive than any other time in history, the destructive forces of dictators brought more destruction than any other time. Who were the worst dictators? One was a Communist Socialist and one was a National Socialist – Stalin and Hitler. They both promised utopian realities that would once and for all bring inequality to an end. Well, it did bring equality to the world – to tens of millions of civilians who were swallowed up by the utopia dreams that these radical socialists brought to the world.

So, if one wants to argue that a Democratic Socialist does not pose a problem, let’s hear about one single example of a Democratic Socialist country that has brought happiness and a positive way of life to it’s people. There is no precedent. We should not allow the United States to be a testing ground for utopian ideas of disconnected dreamers.

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