Nikki Haley challenges every American with the following question

by Leah Rosenberg

Are you prepared to stand up for the truth? Are you prepared to defend free speech? Nikki Haley tasks every American with a crucial job.

Nikki Haley Speaks to All Americans

Nikki Haley knows what it means to stand up and swim against the tide. She knows what it is like to do the unpopular thing when standing up for truth and justice. Haley did it at the UN for two years. But she was and is courageous and brave. She knows that when standing up for the truth, it is not easy. If we do not stand up for the truth though, who will?

Americans today are being forced to suppress their opinions and beliefs if it goes against the Left and their views. In college, with friends, on the internet. But that is not what America is about. America is about free speech and democracy; it is about freedom and liberty. The country is not perfect. No country is. No person is. Yes, there can always be improvements. But that does not mean that America is not a great country. Americans can work to improve the system without dismantling it. They can make a change without destroying the foundations.

In order to do that, Americans need to defend the truth and know history. They need to believe in themselves and the country that they are standing up for. Otherwise, in a short time from now, all the freedoms that people take for granted will be gone. And we cannot afford for that to happen. So please: Be brave and strong. Be defenders of truth. Stand up for freedom – even if everyone else around you won’t.

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