New Music Video Upends All The Boxes And That’s A good Thing

by Phil Schneider

Nissim Black is one-of-a kind in so many ways. Check out his Mothaland Bounce. It will entertain you and leave the rhythm bouncing in your head all day. Nissim has become famous via his famous music videos such as “Fly Away,” and “God is the King.” He went from a lifestyle of guns and gangs to Orthodox Judaism. Today, he resides with his family in Jerusalem.

Nissim represents so much to so many people. He shows us that we can make changes in our life – radical changes. Yet, we do not need to leave every aspect of our past behind – even if it was filled with crime and gangs. Because – he understands that the side of his past – the rap music – has a unique power. So, what has Nissim done? He took on a new lifestyle, but brought along his enormous talents and literally converted them somehow into the fold.

Today, we all benefit from his music, and his messages resonate with the masses all over the world. Let’s keep thinking outside of our boxes.

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