New Israeli Government to Nikki Haley: Iran Deal is a Death Wish for Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Whether you approve of the new Israeli government or not, at least they can agree on a major issue: Saying no to Iran.

New Israeli Government on the Iran Deal

Israel has gone through some interesting and confusing times politically. The new Israeli government is shocking to many people. And many people disagree with the way it came about and the reason it came about. The fact that a right-winger made an alliance with a Muslim brotherhood party is quite shocking, to say the least. But at least it seems there is one positive thing that PM Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid agree on: No to an Iran deal. It is dangerous. It’s a “death wish” for Israel, as Nikki Haley pointed out.

Why can’t the Biden administration see that? Trump got America out of that terrible deal, and Biden now is trying to push his way back in. Doesn’t he care that Israel would be put in immediate danger?

But the way Nikki Haley speaks is reassuring. It feels like she will ensure that America will not rejoin the deal. The way she speaks makes it seem like she will not sleep until Israel is safe. And that is how you know she is a strong friend! We can only hope and pray that Biden will wake up – fast.

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