Netanyahu’s Perfect Response to Antisemitism on Must-See Bill Maher Segment

by Phil Schneider

Benjamin Netanyahu was speechless for a moment when the Kanye West threat against the Jewish people was brought up. It’s very sad that Kanye West has support in the Halls of Congress. Bill Maher confronts Netanyahu head-on.

Netanyahu properly terms the anti-Semitic rants as “old fake news.” That hits it on the nose. But Netanyahu takes it further. When attacked for Israel’s potential to become an apartheid State, he properly says that the accusers don’t have their facts straight.

Indeed, Israel has been and continues to be the best place for an Arab to live in the Middle East. This is not merely about health care, but in terms of everything relating to religious freedom, quality of life, and ability to succeed in nearly every way.

Anyone who professes to be concerned about democracy in Israel while Israel is surrounded by non-democratic countries that oppress and kill their Arab minorities is basically just an anti-Israel person looking for something to hang on to in order to criticize Israel. Netanyahu knows this. Bill Maher knows this. Kanye West and his host of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel supporters are old news, not new. They ought to wake up and smell the coffee. Israel is not going anywhere.

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