Netanyahu Sounds the Alarm on Biden’s Dangerous Iran Deal

by Leah Rosenberg

Bibi Netanyahu may not be prime minister of Israel anymore, but he is still going to call out Biden for his catastrophic Iran deal!

Netanyahu on Biden’s Dangerous Deal

Many people have been calling out Biden for his disastrous deal with Iran. Israeli citizens have protested as well. It is absolutely insane. How can President Biden and his administration do something so irrational? How can they give in to the demands of terrorists like those in the Iranian regime? And as Bibi Netanyahu pointed out, Iran just fired missiles toward the area of the US consulate in Iraq. Yet, America is still rushing to sign a dangerous nuclear agreement with the regime. It makes absolutely no sense and is completely absurd!

Bibi’s message to Biden is clear. He is not beating around the bush. He is flat out telling the US administration what they should already know: Iran is a terrorist regime! They use money for terrorism. They use money to fund their nuclear program. What the US is doing endangers not only Israel but the entire world! Does Biden not care? Does his administration not care? Or are they really so oblivious to reality? Either way, they must wake up and stop giving into Iran!

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