Netanyahu shocked the UN with this revelation

by Phil Schneider

What is the secret of Benjamin Netanyahu? How does he continue to win democratic election after election in the State of Israel time after time. He is now poised to serve longer than any other Prime Minister in the history of the State of Israel – even longer than the legendary David Ben-Gurion. Is it his oratorical ability? Is it his ability to outsmart the likes of Barack Obama? Is it his ability to disallow any form of internal opposition from gaining a strong foothold in his ruling Likud party? These are definitely important parts of his electoral success. But it goes deeper than that.

National Pride & Respect

This may seem like a weak answer. But I think it is more about the feelings that so many in the State of Israel feel towards their Prime Minister. They do not merely feel secure with him. They feel proud as Israelis. They feel proud as Jews. But most of all, they feel proud as a nation that they have enough self-respect to stand up to the greatest powers of the world when necessary and to outsmart and outmaneuver them when necessary.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu gets up in front of the UN or in front of Congress and speaks clearly in a way that is filled with pride, clarity, and unswerving commitment to the security of the Jewish people, he melts the masses in Israel. They understand well that this is a Prime Minister not just doing his job, but truly committed to them.

What the world should know, is that Prime Minister Netanyahu is actually 100% serious when he says that we are here for you too. The State of Israel is the frontline of the war on terror. The leader is Benjamin Netanyahu.

Motivation for Terror
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