Netanyahu Drops Bombshell about Election Fraud

by Avi Abelow

Exclusive interview with Likud member Amit Halevi who took part in special broadcast with Israeli PM Netanyahu today about election fraud.

Israel also has a left-wing swamp that has been working overtime to overthrow right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for decades. The swamp in Israel is the media, the justice system and government bureaucrats, including some attorney generals in the government ministries.

Israel goes back to the election booths on Tuesday, even though it has been revealed that these elections are superfluous because of election fraud that stole the election from Prime Minister Netanyahu. Today PM Netanyahu called out the injustice of the justice system, that is supposed to be the guardian of democracy, for refusing to do their work in investigating election irregularities that would have changed the election results. In the facebook live video below (in Hebrew) PM Netanyahu says loud and clear that the elections were stolen from him, calling out the authorities for refusing to do their jobs.

The change in results would have been dramatic, potentially allowing Netanyahu to have been able to put together a majority coalition after the April elections and negating the need for new elections this Tuesday. (overturned results would have resulted in one of the right-wing parties having 4 seats in the Knesset/Parliament instead of 4 seats for a left-wing Arab party, giving Netanyahu the 61+ seats needed for a parliament majority)

Amit Halevi has been investigating election irregularities for five months, since the day the April elections ended. But the justice system, the election committee, the police and the media have ignored it all, until now.

Finally, the lie of the last elections has been revealed to the public by PM Netanyahu, thanks to an investigative report over the weekend by journalist Kalman Lipskind of the Ma’ariv newspaper. Lipskind found out that the election committee and the police never bothered to check the various complaints of election fraud.

Lipskind called all 82 election booth directors, whose testimony regarding counterfeiting and fraud was communicated to the chairman of the Election Commission and the Israeli police five months ago. He found out that the police only contacted one of them! 80 of them told Lipskind that he was the first person who followed up with them about their fraud complaints. The final person went to the police on his own.

Lipskind wrote in his article “No matter how you turn it around, the bottom line you get is hard. Those responsible for the purity of Israeli elections do not deserve to be entrusted with this holy work. This is how Central Election Commission Chairman Justice Hanan Meltzer, who at best did nothing to check the forgeries in the previous election, and at the very least, fought with all his might, for his own reasons, so that counting errors were discovered – would not be corrected. Ades, the Election Commission Director, lied to the media to try to convince us that there were no forgeries.”

Netanyahu FB Live with Amit Halevi (in Hebrew)

Amit Halevi posted the facebook live video with Israeli PM Netanyahu and added the following text:

5 months
400 testimonies
115 fake ballot boxes
And not even one phonecall from the authorities (!) to research and find out the truth.

This is not a democracy, and the legal authorities are not the gatekeepers of democracy.

Watch the Facebook Live with the Prime Minister, in the Knesset:

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