Muslim News Anchor Tweets Video Inciting Massive Muslim Massacre of Jews

by Avi Abelow

Wow! This is the ancient Jewish city of Khaybar from the air! This video was tweeted by an Al-Jazeera news anchor. The video seems innocent, but its symbolism together with the message of her tweet are anything but.

The “Khaybar” chant, regarding the ancient city above, that one hears in the video below at a Gaza border rally, is a classic Muslim battle cry and taunt that references the Muslim massacre and expulsion of the Jews of the town of Khaybar in northwestern Arabia, in the year 628 CE. Our Muslim enemies in Gaza, Judea, Samaria, Israel and around the world chant this “khaybar” chant all the time. They chant it for one reason only, to incite and inspire the masses to relive the “glory” days of Islam when they massacred the Jews. Freedom-loving people in the West, including Jews, must wake up and internalize that we are dealing with many millions of Muslims who chant about their glory days of massacring the Jews of Khaybar, back in 628 CE!!!

In the following tweet, Ghada Awis, the Lebanese presenter of the Qatari channel al-Jazeera, shared the aerial video Khaybar and wonders: “Shouldn’t the Jews go back there instead of Palestine?” Not only is she saying that the Jews do not belong in our ancestral homeland of Israel, but she is insinuating that we should return to the place where the Muslims can massacre us once again. She was given full support by her followers, according to the likes and comments to her post.

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