Muslim lady stands up to man hurling antisemitic abuse to a Jewish family in London

by Avi Abelow

Sadly, this is not the first case of antisemitic abuse at a Jewish family in London. But this time, a brave Muslim lady stood up to the nasty antisemite.

Warning: Language

Antisemitic Abuse at Jewish Family

A Jewish family was just quietly riding the London tube when a horrific antisemite starting yelling foul slurs at them. The man was arrested in Birmingham and is still in custody. He should be punished for the antisemitic abuse!

This man was yelling things with children present. He did not care that he was cursing at a young Jewish boy. It is a sad scene to watch the face of the young boy as he is being cursed at.

But then a brave Muslim lady stood up for this family.

Muslim Challenged the Antisemite

A Muslim lady was on the tube near this Jewish family. She watched as the antisemite hurled antisemitic abuse. But she could not just watch. She actually said something. She challenged the antisemite. You can read below the full statement put out by the Muslim woman, Asma. She said, “…but as a Muslim woman and mother, I know what it’s like to be attacked and dehumanised for my faith, and I couldn’t just watch and see this happen to another family with young children.”

Thank you, Asma. You give hope to Jews everywhere that there are in fact good people in the world who will stand up to antisemitism!

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