Muslim Foreign Minister Says Something Historic While in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

When a Muslim foreign minister is speaking like this in the Jewish homeland, it really gives hope for a brighter future. You gotta hear this!

Muslim Foreign Minister of UAE

Listen to these words! How amazing is it that a Muslim foreign minister is the one saying these comments? It is truly remarkable and something that a few years ago, no one would have thought was possible. Some of these ministers have never even stepped foot in Israel before! But times are changing. And we hope these positive relationships will continue to flourish. We hope more Arab countries will realize the truth about Israel and not go along with the “Palestinian” narrative.

Trump’s administration put all of this into motion with the Abraham Accords. More people should realize that and be grateful for that. What has the Biden administration done for Israel and the Muslim world? Absolutely nothing besides damage. Biden and his administration have thrown Israel under the bus on numerous occasions instead of helping strengthen Israel and its relationships with countries like the UAE. America is supposed to be Israel’s strongest ally, but they have not been since Biden took over for Trump. The current US administration doesn’t seem to understand Israel and the Middle East.

Despite President Biden and his cabinet, Israel will continue to try to build and strengthen what Trump helped create. Israel will continue to work toward true peace. And hopefully one day soon, that peace will permeate the entire region. We can only pray…

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