Muslim Enters the Vatican with a knife on Saturday

by Phil Schneider

Where are the guards to take him down? How come he is allowed to walk around and threaten people for all that time? Security in religious institutions is here to stay. If not, this kind of thing will turn into a common occurrence. Freedom of Speech should never take over freedom of religion.

The attack on synagogues and churches in the West is now a fixture that we will need to get used to. Why? The Muslim threat, the anti-Semitic threat, and the Anti-Christian threat are now becoming mainstream among the haters of the world. There is a new attitude among masses of people that are angry and hate others. It is the attitude that can best be described as Chutzpah. There is no longer a given in the West that religious institutions are off-limits as far as controversy. Quite the contrary, the heart of much of the resistance lies in the religious institutions themselves.

The Land of Israel is replete with occurrences of Muslims who walked out of their mosques and right into massive protests – violent protests against Jews – that have frequently led to death. This is something that the Western world will have to learn to deal with. The key is not to disband and disallow Mosques. The key is to both defend all religious institutions, and to make sure that outright calls for violence – including from within Mosques – be enforced with the full force of the law. This is why safe havens are so dangerous. Once there is an area that the law does not govern, chaos will govern. There is no more dangerous threat to the Western world than the absence of law and order. Once there is law and order, we can argue endlessly about the freedoms and abuse of freedoms within those parameters. But first things first. No crazy Arab, Jew, or Christian should be allowed to walk into a religious institution with a knife. But just as important, no group of people should be allowed to leave a religious institution with knives either.

Arab Incitement
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