Muslim Authorities Dump Garbage on the Temple Mount

by Avi Abelow

This is more proof of Muslim authorities caught in the horrific act of desecrating the holiest site to the Jewish people. Would they behave this way at a Muslim holy site? Very important food for thought for all, the next time they hear the mantra that the Temple Mount is the third holiest site to Islam.

Unfortunately, due to diplomatic agreements with the state of Jordan, Israel has allowed the Muslim WAQF organization to be in charge of the Temple Mount.

Here in this video one clearly sees the Muslim Arab garbage vehicle dumping waste, collected from cleaning on Temple Mount, ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT!

Could you imagine Muslim authorities dumping garbage in the Muslim Holy sites in Meca and Medina?

We have said this before and we will say it again. One of the biggest lies is that the Temple Mount is holy to Muslims. It is NOT mentioned in the Koran at all and it was only established as a holy site for one Muslim sect after they were forbidden by other Muslims from going to Mecca and Medina. Yet, once they were allowed to return, they stopped going to the Temple Mount. On the one hand the Muslim world tells the world that the Temple Mount is the third holiest site to Islam, yet, this they desecrate the site. This is NOT how people treat a holy site!

However, the Temple Mount is Judaism’s main holy site. Yet, somehow, the world always focuses on the fact that it is holy to Muslims and therefore we must be sensitive to them, whereas Islam’s daily religious discrimination against Jews on our holy site, forbidding Jews from prayer, saying blessings, and even drinking water from the fountains, are forbidden

“This morning, Jews filmed an incident which occurred on the Temple Mount during a routine visit: a garbage truck operated by the Waqf dumped its contents intentionally on the place where the Temple stood,” said Arnon Segal, a member of the Temple Heritage Foundation.

“It has become so common for them to disrespect that which is most holy to us that we don’t even protest it. Needless to say, this also violates numerous laws, which Israel doesn’t even enforce on the Temple Mount, because it is too busy following Jews who want to pray on the Mount. This year the time has come to put an end to this desecration of this holy place.”

This is an absolute disgrace and desecration of a Jewish holy site. And that is exactly why the Muslim authorities do it! People must wake up, shariah/jihadi Islam is about delegitimizing all other religions, and that includes destroying and desecrating religious sites of other religions.

Michael Miller, a proud Jew who regularly visits the Temple Mount filmed this shocking site of garbage being dumped on the holy site.

This is what Michael has to say about witnessing this:

Today, after 52 years since the reunification of the city of Jerusalem, what could be a more blessed opportunity than to work in the holiest site in Jerusalem, in Israel, the Temple Mount! Being a Temple Mount activist and guide, I have the unbelievable, spectacular privilege of going up at least once, twice a week, (every other day) and guiding groups of Jews, including Brides, grooms, bar/bat mitzvah’s, high school/university students, from all different trends of Israeli society and different religious/political affiliations.

Although my main job is to give Jews a most memorable, unforgettable, meaningful experience on the holy mountain, another part of my job is to report any disturbances, annoyances, illegal activity that takes place on the mountain.

What am I referring to?

1) If the police tell a Jew to stop moving or praying because he/she is expressing signs of Jewish worship, I have an obligation not only to report it, but video record it and publicize the illegal atrocities taking place daily on the Temple Mount that 99.9% of the time get swept under the rug.

2) If a policeman/woman is giving a Jewish visitor a hard time

3) If Arabs start bothering, screaming at us for no reason

4) If Arabs start playing soccer on the areas that are deemed illegal by Israel’s Supreme Court

5) If Arabs put stumbling blocks or shattered pieces of glass on the floor where we walk on to make our visit, not only inconvenient, but uncomfortable

6) If the Waqf give us a hard time/do something I don’t like

7) If “I” see something that doesn’t seem 100% “Kosher”

Lastly under #6/7, if I see the Waqf/Arabs desecrating our holy site by dumping garbage where the 1st and 2nd Batei Mikdash once stood.

This morning, the Arabs decided to dump a pile of debris where the Woman’s courtyard of the holy temple once stood. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this, but unfortunately, most of the time, this doesn’t get video recorded or reported, even by Jewish visitors, so I took the initiative to document and record the desecration and absurd situation on the Temple Mount. Please G-d, we’ll deal with this unfortunate travesty sooner than later.

Unfortunately, it is the Israeli government that allow the Muslim authorities to desecrate the Temple Mount for “diplomatic” reasons. That is the true travesty. We can not expect the Muslims to respect us, if we do not respect ourselves and our Holy sites.

Is this Muslim Behavior Fit for One’s Holy Place?

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