The story of a Mossad Agent painter who conned the Egyptians

by Phil Schneider

When we think of a Mossad agent, we usually don’t think of smuggling out paintings. We generally think about smuggling out Jews or weapons.

This is the fascinating short story of an Israeli artist who picked up where a former Israeli Mossad agent left off. Tamir Tzadok picks up where Shlomo Cohen Abarbanel left off. The real mission of the artist was to track down Nazi War criminals and German scientists supporting the Egyptian army.

Tracking down Nazis

It may seem odd today, but back in the 50’s and 60’s, there was a continuing battle going on between remnant Nazis and the State of Israel.

A Mossad Agent is an Israeli equivalent to the CIA in the US.  However, Israeli operatives often perform jobs that could fill up any novel with harrowing details.  One example of this is the search for Adolf Eichmann, one of the most senior Nazis directly involved in killing millions of Jews.  He was found in Buenos Aires and basically kidnapped to Israel in 1960.  The trial and hanging of Eichmann was perhaps the most captivating court case in Israeli history.


The entire world watched in horror at the Munich Olympics massacre of 11 Israeli athletes.  Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir ordered Operation “Wrath of God”- a Mossad counter-terrorism operation against anyone who was directly connected to the massacre.   The Black September group was the target.

The idea of summary executions of murderers is very controversial.  However, revenge against freed terrorists who perpetrated the massacre was a different story.  Israel planned an attack against the terrorists – especially Ali Hassan Salameh.

By October 1972, Israel was ready to attack.  It did not go smoothly. At first, the Mossad even killed the wrong person.  However, ultimately the Mossad succeeded in killing nearly every member of the Munich massacre.  In Lebanon, the Mossad murdered Salameh.


New Israeli Prime Minister
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