“Modern” Jordanian TV host calls to “gouge out the eyes of Zionists”

by Leah Rosenberg

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Not-So Peaceful Jordanian TV Host

How peaceful of this Jordanian TV host. She wants to “gouge out the eyes of Zionists.” Rana Hmouz does not want peace with Israel. She wants to annul the Israel-Jordan peace agreement. Hmouz wants to get rid of the Jewish people and the Jewish state and praises Palestinian Arab terrorists as “martyrs.”

Why? Why is she advocating for no peace? Does it harm her to have a peaceful relationship with the Jewish state?

Giving Land to Jordan

This came after the areas of Naharayim and Tzofar were given to Jordan after 25 years of a peace agreement. Israeli farmers farmed that land on the shared border with Jordan. But now that has changed. And instead of protesting this canceling of a peace agreement and advocating for more peace, Rana Hmouz is calling for more situations that will allow the Jordanians to “trample the entire Zionist entity underfoot.”

Jordan may be considered a more modern and moderate Arab country, and you might even think that when you take a look at this Jordanian TV host. But there are many situations that prove otherwise. When Rana Hmouz opens her mouth and speaks, it is one of those situations. And it really makes you wonder how “modern” and open Jordan actually is…

Arab Incitement
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