Millions Have Already Watched this New Movie About the Covid Vaccine

by Avi Abelow

Most people just want to live their lives and don’t want to be bothered or distressed about issues that make them doubt what they are being told to believe.

Believe me, my professional background is in psychology, I get it. I totally get it.

With it all, this is a must-see movie by everyone. Watch the movie and then read the various critique and feedback below.

Not All Vaccine Batches Are Harmful

Important message from Dr. Mike Yeadon, scientific researcher and former vice president of Pfizer:

This extraordinary “web app” permits anyone with a Covid19 vaccine batch code to enter that code & learn whether you’ve been injected with a “hot lot” or something less harmful:

A team of five, independent scientists/researchers (four of whom are very capable data analysts) have reviewed the data in VAERS, discovering that, while most batch numbers are associated with low numbers of adverse event reports, around 1% of batches are associated with extraordinary rates of adverse events including deaths. We understand that the vaccine makers have legal immunity against prosecution. That means if you’ve been injured, you can’t sue them. But their indemnity does NOT cover breaking various federal laws relating to product consistency.

It’s a very serious crime to allow “adulterated product” to be sent out. When such products cross a state line, further offenses are committed. Legal eagles are moving on this aspect & I hope the revelation that there are extraordinary degrees of variability, batch to batch, in terms of toxicity.

I hope this information & tool will be of use to some people seeking answers.

Best wishes Mike Dr Mike Yeadon Ps: please distribute this as widely as you can.

An Open Letter to the Silent Doctor from the World Council for Health Website

This is a letter to the silent doctor. This is a letter to every physician who senses that the ongoing biofascist putsch is scientifically, morally, and politically wrong, yet maintains a policy of willful ignorance so as to protect their careers. It is not too late to cast off your sordid shackles of inhuman blind obedience. Cast off these lies, these monstrous deceptions, and uphold that sacred oath without which a doctor is but a blackened husk and a soulless lifeless shell. 

The profession of medicine is a noble one, but only if informed consent and the principle of “first, do no harm” are upheld. In the absence of this bioethical framework, medicine is transformed into a bloody truncheon to be wielded by tyrants. As Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav has warned, the moral bankruptcy of the German physician during the Third Reich played a critical role in laying the groundwork for the Hitlerian machinery of mass murder. Moreover, as evidenced by Vioxx, the opioid epidemic, the psychotropic drug epidemic, the overprescribing of benzodiazepines and barbiturates, the CDC childhood vaccine schedule (dozens of mandates coupled with liability protection for the manufacturer), an egregious multi-tier system, and millions of medical bankruptcies pre-Covid, amongst other depravities, the weaponization of American health care has been steadily unfolding for decades. Nevertheless, it was only with the arrival of the Branch Covidian cult that this weaponization enveloped the world in a deathly shadow, threatening to eradicate bodily autonomy and freedom forever.

In addition to the informed consent ethic and primum non nocere, every critical pillar of medical ethics has been egregiously violated: the Nuremberg Code, early detection and early treatment, off-label prescribing, the distinction between an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) medicine and a medicine fully approved by FDA, the right to visit hospitalized loved ones, the inviolability of electronic medical records, and the importance of stopping a medical experiment when there is unequivocal evidence of harm.

Click here for the rest of the Open Letter to the Silent Doctor


Died Suddenly Documentary Website:

Stew Peters Website:

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