This is Why America is Beating Iran

by Micha Gefen

Ever since President Trump entered the presidency he has changed the Obama’s administration’s policy, from appeasing Iran to holding them accountable. Watch Sec. Pompeo’s remarks on Iran at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute.

President Trump started to rebuild deterrence against Iran when he took office. This was done by pulling out of the nuclear deal and providing a steading increase in sanctions.

While at times it has appeared that Trump’s actions have been in a vacuum, Sec. Pompeo made it clear that other countries have joined with the Trump administration’s moves. “Germany, France, Italy have all put travel bans on a company called Mahan Air, which is an Iranian airline that ferries Iranian military assets and weapons to battle zones.”

“You have seen the economic pressure we have put in place to cut off roughly 80 percent of the oil revenues,” Sec. Pompeo continued to explain.

Sec. Pompeo also addressed the assassination of Qassem Soleimani saying, ” we would have been culpably negligent if we had not undertaken that action.” The secretary explained that the Iranian regime had miscalculated and ultimately learned that they cannot attack the USA whenever they want.

The bottom line is that the Trump administration is winning its war of deterrence against the fanatical Iranian regime and it does not seem much that the Mullahs can do about it.

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