Middle East Expert Says The Bahrain Conference was a Success for a Very Surprising Reason

by Avi Abelow

Middle East and Islam expert Professor Mordechai Kedar has unbelievable insight following President Trump’s Bahrain “peace for prosperity” conference.

The Plan

Trump’s “peace for prosperity” plan is based on helping the Arabs economically, since two and half decades of peace talks and billions of international aid has done nothing to help them. Arabs, under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, still live in refugee camps, no infrastructure built, no economic opportunities developed, and instead pictures of poor Arabs are used as propoganda warfare for the world to pressure Israel. The main people who have been suffering from this has been the regular Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Trump’s plan is to develop a $50 billion investment fund to solve many of the economic woes so that the lives of the Arabs can improve.

Unfortunately, not only did the Palestinian Authority boycott the conference, but it threatened any Arab businessman from Judea, Samaria and Gaza from attending.

How many countries would say no to economic assistance of $50 billion?

Understanding that question is the key to understanding Kedar’s surprising analysis.

Kedar’s Surprising Conclusion

While many pundits and “experts” are saying the Bahrain conference was a failure, Kedar thinks differently. The purpose of the Trump administration was not to achieve peace or even to bring the Palestinian Authority to the table, the points other experts are using to define the success or failure of the conference.

Kedar explains that the Trump administration understands that a key impediment to all progress on peace talks has been the corrupt Palestinian Authority that never had any intention of helping the Arabs or achieving peace. They have received decades of international aid, in the billions of dollars, to line their own pockets! They have not helped their own people and they have never been good faith partners to achieve peace with Israel. They incite their people to murder Jews, pay their terrorists salaries, using international aid, do nothing to help the lives of their own people, and then cry to the world for help, all while they themselves get filthy rich with no consequences.

Kedar is clear that the success of the Bahrain conference is the sidelining of the Palestinian Authority in all future moves in the Middle East.

Kedar hopes that now that the Palestinian Authority is being sidelined that the Trump administration will work towards his plan for achieving quiet and security between Israel and the Arabs in Judea and Samaria. To read his plan click here.

Full Video Interview

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