Microsoft’s Shocking New Feature Proves the Left has Completely Lost it

by Phil Schneider

From now on, we no longer need to worry about offending people when writing e-mails. Microsoft Word will take care of being sensitive to all feelings of all people who ever get insulted by anyone for any reason. They now offer the option to “fix” our language. Political correctness is now going to be controlled by Microsoft. We won’t make anymore spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and sensitivity mistakes.

There will no longer be any use of the word man anymore, but person will be used. “Manpower” will now be something else – but not a word that includes the word “man.” Sensitivity will become the norm on our keyboards and computer screens – that is if you are one of the hundreds of millions of people who use Microsoft Word.

One could ask, “Why is this so bad?” After all, nobody wants to hurt the feelings of others, so why not get a bit of a hand from Microsoft Word?” But the issue is that there is more and more control of our speech via big tech and big government that is at stake here. Governmental oversight is not always a bad thing. But most of the time it is not good whenever we lose control of our ability to express ourselves.

Moreover, this is indeed about advancing the agenda of woke ideology in our society. And that is a big problem. Woke politics belongs outside of classrooms, outside of computer programs that are ubiquitous, and outside of social media accounts that should be controlled by the people who’s names are associated with them.

One practical suggestion that should be considered is flagging accounts. Flagging is controversial too. But, if some accounts are flagged, but not silenced, then the world may be better off. Some movies are rated G, some PG, and some are labeled as befitting an older and mature crowd. But, let people speak their minds and use the terminology they prefer, even if it’s not politically correct. Amen.

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