Media Blasts Hero CEO Over His Religious Beliefs

by Phil Schneider

In this time of a massive pandemic, it is easy to take out our frustrations on the world through anger at our political foes. It is exactly the opposite of what is needed at this time. When this CEO decided to take advantage of his moment in the limelight and decided to praise God from the White House podium, this was a red flag issue for the anti-religious crowd.

This hero literally changed around his entire business overnight in order to save thousands of lives over the next few months. Instead of the United States being a place where we recognize that there are non-political heroes that need to be praised in the midst of this epidemic, potshots at the President continue to dominate the airwaves.

There are many lessons we should learn from the difficult times we are living in. One of them may indeed be that we need to have leadership that is less divisive. We may even need to conclude that President Trump is the wrong person for the job at this time. But can’t we at least be proud of the heroes in our midst – even if they have religious or political views that we differ with. Is a brave Air Force pilot from World War II who is an atheist not a brave person because he doesn’t praise God at the end of each attack that he returns alive from? Well, it’s the same thing in reverse. It’s time for the knee-jerk reactions to change. Ben Shapiro, as usual, hits it on the nose. Thank you Ben for the reality check.

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