Mass Lynching Attempt in Ramallah as Israeli Vehicle Accidentally Enters

by Phil Schneider

Israel is a small country with hostile neighbors inside and outside of it. Inside of Israel, there are Arab towns and cities that are ruled by the Palestinian Authority. It is a body that receives tens of millions of dollars of aid from the European Union and the United States and spends most of it on insuring that they stay in power. The trickle down rule does not work well in the Palestinian Authority. Former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, classified the Palestinian Authority as a kleptocracy. That was a very accurate description of what goes on under their rule.

But more happens under the PA. When a Jewish driver makes the mistake of following Waze through a more dangerous road and ends up making one wrong turn into an Arab neighborhood that is under Palestinian Authority rule, the result may be fatal. This is not mere conjecture. It happened twenty years ago on live TV in Israel and the horrible memories are deeply seared into the consciousness of the Israeli population.

It nearly happened again. There is no way around it. Israel must never relinquish the control of any of it’s Land to any other entity. Otherwise, it is putting it’s population in mortal danger. Israel is around the size of the State of New Jersey. There is simply no room for another entity to create a State inside of it – especially not a terrorist State based on a complete fabrication of national consciousness.

Col. Kemp

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