Marco Rubio SHOCKED the Senate with this revelation

by Phil Schneider

Marco Rubio stood up and spoke in a most eloquent manner about the Iran deal that President Obama brokered.  On this matter, President Trump and Marco Rubio agree. In this short video, Rubio takes apart the deal with Iran better than any other politician.

How bad was the deal?

Did Obama really do this?!??

This speech by Marco Rubio is a frightening prediction of what the Iran deal structured and agreed upon by Obama with the most dangerous radical Islamic leaders of Iran will bring to the world.

Even if 20% of what Rubio predicts had become a reality, then the world would be a completely different world in a matter of years.

Thank God, the Republicans recaptured the White House.

The executive branch really needed some very serious changes in leadership.

President Trump on Iran

So far, the sanctions that President Trump has clamped on the Iranians seem to be working.

Will the Trump administration completely reverse the Iran deal and all of it’s ramifications?  Hopefully.

It is still unclear, but President Trump has shown that he is willing to go against established norms when it comes to foreign policy attitudes towards North Korea.

Iran’s aggressive nuclear policies are probably more dangerous than North Korea.

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