Man Surprises Mother With Tickets to Israel – Her Response is Priceless

by Leah Rosenberg

How would you react if you found out you had tickets to Israel? This video is heartwarming. You are going to love this woman’s reaction.

Tickets to Israel

If only everyone was this excited about going to Israel! Some people understand that having tickets to Israel is an unbelievable thing not to be taken for granted. They understand how special it is to go to the Jewish state. And they wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

This woman could not contain her emotions when she found out her son got her tickets to Israel. There is something remarkable to learn from her response. Going to Israel is not like going to another country in the world. It’s different. And those of us who know that are blessed.

Israel is G-d’s chosen land. It is a land of spirituality and meaning. It is the land to connect to G-d in the best way possible. When you tour in Israel, it’s not the same as touring in other places throughout the world. Yes, of course there are many beautiful places in other lands and countries! The whole world is G-d’s creation. But there is a reason He chose the land of Israel as His land. And when you come here, you might just feel it.

Book your tickets to Israel. Internalize where you are going to and what that really means. Have the reaction that this woman in the video had. Get emotional! Maybe one day you will feel it enough to make it your permanent home.

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