Man in UK chases Jewish families with stick on the way to Synagogue

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish families should be able to walk to Synagogue without the fear of being attacked. The antisemitism in this video shouldn’t happen.

When Will Jewish Families Stop Being Attacked?

It is truly horrifying to watch this. Seeing a man chase Jewish families with a stick should not be happening in 2021. Whether he did it to scare them or to actually harm them, it doesn’t matter. No one should have to experience something like this. Watching the way he curses them and chases even young children is terrible. It is a hate crime!

You would think this is something that took place in Germany in the 1930s. You would hope that this video is old and could not possibly happen today.

Antisemitism is still rampant. Physical and verbal attacks. Jews on college campuses are attacked for supporting Israel. Jews in the streets are attacked for just being.

The Jews have done nothing to deserve such hatred. They have not bothered people. All they have done is kept the faith of their forefathers and done things to benefit the entire world. Even when it comes to working to end this pandemic, the Jews have done good. Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have Jewish roots. The CEO of Pfizer is the son of Holocaust survivors. Moderna’s chief medical officer is Tal Zak, an Israeli.

What do antisemites have to say about that? Are they going to boycott the vaccine?

Big tech Hypocrisy
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