Making an Israeli flag with 135,000 cookies!

by Leah Rosenberg

Imagine taking 135,000 cookies to make an Israeli flag – the world’s largest cookie flag. That could be a new Guinness World Record!

Atlanta, Georgia Helps Israel

The community in Atlanta wants to help Israel in one of the most unique ways. They want to build an Israeli flag out of 135,000 cookies!  Israel has millions and millions of supporters worldwide. These supporters can help Israel in such a simple way. The community in Atlanta hopes to bake 135,000 cookies for Israel’s 70th birthday year. Their goal is to make a cookie flag. So, how will they be helping Israel?

The Cookies of the Flag

The purpose is to raise money for different organizations by having Israel supporters purchase any amount of the 135,000 cookies. The 3 organizations they will be supporting are United Hatzalah, One Family Fund, and the Jewish Agency’s Partnership Together program. It is a unique, simple, and fun way to help Israel.

After the cookies get purchased, the goal is to give the sponsored cookies to homeless shelters and service personnel. By buying the cookies for the flag, not only is the person helping Israel, but he is also putting smiles on the faces of people he doesn’t even know.

Be a part of this amazing project! Click here to sponsor a cookie for $10 and take part in this world record for Israel.

The Jewish People

The Jewish people are unbelievable. Even though some Jews do not have the ability to live in Israel or to even visit, they still want to help in whatever way they can. Creating this cookies flag and raising money is just one example of helping Israel from abroad.

The entire Jewish nation is one family. How beautiful is that?

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