Look at What Happened to Disney in Just 20 Years

by Phil Schneider

What is a “proud family” in America today? What was a “proud family” in America just 20 years ago in America according to Disney? The contrast is downright scary.

Proud used to be a word that represented hope and allegiance to the United States of America. A “proud American” was indeed a proud American. Today’s youth are educated by Disney to think that a “Proud American” is an angry American who is only proud to complain about who “really” built America.

Who really built America? Slaves? No. Not even close. The founding fathers of America and those who fought in the War of Independence were not a very large group of men. They were often just a few hundred fighters bravely turning back thousands of British soldiers who had better weapons and far better food rations, clothing and guns. Make no mistake. They are the people that were the founding fathers of the United States of America, and they ought to be taught to every young child in America today.

Disney has chosen, for now, to be irrelevant via their teaching of pure lies. It is time to be super careful what our children watch – even if it means making sure that our children don’t watch Disney anymore.

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