Lindsey Graham shuts down Democrats: “You had 8 years under President Obama”

by Phil Schneider

For many of the first few years of the Obama administration, President Obama said repeatedly that he inherited so many things from the Bush administration. That was his constant fallback for all of the lack of progress. Now, after more than 8 years of his administration, and more than 3 years of the Trump administration, many Democrats speak as if they had no chance to make the reforms that they accuse the Trump administration of not doing.

The truth is that every President who comes on the scene is always surprised at how hard it is to move things in Washington. It is indeed a swamp as it has been accused. Nearly all changes that one side attempts to change will be met by powerful forces that oppose it from the other end. For that reason, so much is often attempted in the first two years of the administration as the final two years are usually so focused on reelection.

The truth is that Barack Obama was a rather effective President at enacting many policies with major ramifications. Even if one opposed his policies, he was able to get many things done. Obamacare – like it or not – was his signature policy, and he did get it done. To his distress, the Republican President that succeeded him did everything he could to reverse Obama administration changes. In many ways, the challenge of any leader of the executive branch is not just to enact changes, but to bring changes that last beyond the administration. This is not an easy challenge and actually requires bringing fundamental change to the country in a way that leads the majority opinion to change. on a subject.

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