Liberal Shocked by What he Discovered at a Trump Rally

by Phil Schneider

America is divided. This is not a new refrain. It has been voiced many times in the past. Is today any different than the times in the past? Yes and no.

In the 1930’s, there was a very strong anti-immigration America First movement. On the other hand, there were tens of millions of immigrants who were struggling to stay afloat during the difficult days of the depression. But World War II brought an end to most of the division. There was a common enemy that nearly everyone agreed with. It was the Axis powers of Germany, Japan, and Italy that needed to be defeated. The problem was outside of America-not inside America.

In the 1960′, race riots erupted alongside the civil rights movement. These riots were in cities all around America – in the south and the northeast. This occurred while the Vietnam War was raging and body bags were returning from the Far East in ever larger numbers. The left wing demonstrations against the Vietnam War grew in ferocity while LBJ’s popularity plummeted. The description of chaos was not an exaggeration in many instances. But things did indeed calm down.

Richard Nixon’s election in 1968 was one of the most tumultuous elections in history. But, Nixon did indeed gradually bring the troops out of Vietnam and the 70’s were not as wild and crazy as the 60s’.

Today’s day and age is quite different and unique. The United States is now in the midst of it’s 4th straight Presidency that has been very divisive. Barack Obama won the election of 2008 handily. But, he proceeded to take America in a direction that was radically progressive. Government spending ballooned, while weakness was projected to foreign powers – especially Iran. Israel’s Prime Minister was treated worse than Saudi Arabia’s leadership. America voted for a change in 2016. But Donald Trump did not just switch gears. He tried to reverse nearly all of Barack Obama’s massive government spending and projected strength abroad. But Donald Trump’s rough around the edges tough talk was too much for many of the middle-of the-road Americans. In the hotly contested election of 2020, Trump lost.

Joe Biden, perhaps the weakest candidate to run for the Presidency in many decades, won (probably). He proceeded to institute policies that were even more radical than Barack Obama’s policies. Progressive politics have dominated the United States for the first 2 years of the Biden Presidency. Crimes in major cities have gone way up – especially where Democrats govern. America’s standing in the world has gone back to projecting weakness on nearly every front.

The net result has been a fractured America where 5-10% of America is very wealthy and comfortable. 20-30% of America is poor or lower class, and are living off of handouts, forgiven loans, or a bloated government. On the other hand, 40-50% of America, the middle class is hurting despite working hard. Their pensions or stock portfolios have taken a steep hit over the last 2 years.

What is left in the middle are around 10-15% of America, suburban upper middle class people that are torn by what is going on around them. Why are these 10-15% so important? They are the main people that determine election outcomes. In California, they see homeless on their street corners. In Texas, they see swarms of immigrants, and in New York, Chicago, and Baltimore, they see more crime on the streets and less policemen. On the other hand, these people are sick of Donald Trump. They would probably vote Republican if it were a softer choice – like Nikki Haley or Mike Pompeo.

But that is not the way things look today. Everybody who is close to Donald Trump or who has followed him closely says he is running again in 2024. So, polarization seems like it will just grow – especially around the 2024 election.

But at the heart of the United States America are many good values that may ultimately win out. Sanity will return. Unless the family breakdown that is being instituted by the progressive pronoun speaking radicals will truly dominate the schools and the public sphere. If that trend does not boomerang and return to normalcy, America’s moral bankruptcy may take over.

The change will come from bottom – up with young people who are normal exposing the normalcy of the masses. Abnormal transgender speech, a lie that is based on nothing but familyphobia is the biggest threat to America today. It is not China or Russia. It is the breakdown of the family unit.

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