Lebanese businessman donates Hitler’s personal belongings to Israel – but why?

by Leah Rosenberg

This is one of the most fascinating stories ever. How did a Lebanese businessman come into possession of Hitler’s items? And why’d he give them to Israel?

Story of the Lebanese businessman

When you hear that a businessman born as a Lebanese Christian who now lives in Switzerland donated Hitler’s items to Israel, there are many questions. How did this Lebanese businessman get a hold of Hitler’s personal items? Why did he? And why did he then choose to donate these items to Israel?

Well, Abdallah Chatila is one of the wealthiest men in Switzerland. He saw that Hitler’s belongings were going up for auction, and he did not want the items to fall into the hands of people who would praise and glorify Hitler and his atrocities. So, he bought the items. He was going to just burn them but realized it was not his place to decide what to do with those items. And that is when he decided to donate the things to Israel.

If More People Were Like Chatila…

If only more people were like Abdallah Chatila. He cared enough about the memory of the Holocaust to do such a selfless act. Chatila wants the world to remember the evil so that evil like Hitler carried out can never be carried out again. He sees what is happening in Europe and the rise of antisemitism and racism.

Although he had no intentions originally of making a political statement, it became political. Maybe a Lebanese businessman doing such a moral act toward Israel and the Jews can help lead to peace slowly.

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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