Jordan’s Fatal Mistake: Why Did They Join the 1967 War Against Israel?

by Leah Rosenberg

People have heard of the 1967 war, otherwise known as the Six Day War. But what they might not have known is why Jordan joined.

The 1967 War and Jordan

It is always a mistake to attack Israel. G-d is on the side of His people, the Jewish people. Israel is a strong country. The Jewish people will not give up their land, and they will defend themselves. And during the 1967 war, great miracles happened. You cannot explain Israel’s victory in the Six Day War without G-d. G-d orchestrated the events so that Israel would recapture its holy capital of thousands of years, Jerusalem.

Jordan really should not have joined the war. They were tricked into joining. They had no idea that most of Egypt’s airforce on the ground was destroyed. How can you explain such a thing without G-d orchestrating the events? It was not militarily smart of Jordan to attack Israel. And yet, they did. And that led to a victory for Israel in ways they could never have predicted.

Israel’s enemies should realize that Israel is not going anywhere. They should stop making the mistake of going after Israel and trying to destroy it. Those actions are futile. The One Above will protect His people. The redemption has already started. We are just praying that G-d brings the final stages soon; that the Messiah comes. We are praying that the third Temple will be rebuilt so that we can all live peacefully together – Jews and non-Jews alike.

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