Jews of All Backgrounds Unite in Prayer at the Western Wall

by Leah Rosenberg

The Western Wall is a place where people of all backgrounds come to pray. There is something unifying. That special place connects everyone.

Praying at the Western Wall

People from all over the world come to pray at the Western Wall, or as it is called in Hebrew, the Kotel. It is a place of spirituality; a place where people connect with G-d. The Kotel is what is left of the wall surrounding the Temple – when it stood thousands of years ago (and will Please G-d stand again soon).

During this time in the Jewish calendar (before the Jewish New Year and between it and Yom Kipper) Jews recite what is known as the Selichot prayers. It is a set of prayers beseeching G-d for forgiveness for our wrongdoings. It contains versus from the Bible which are powerful; versus which G-d Himself told the Jewish people to use for Him to have compassion on us and forgive us.

And what is more special than reciting these special prayers at the Western Wall, next to fellow Jews? G-d desires that there be peace amongst his nation, despite our differences. Seeing Jews of all different backgrounds unite in prayer at the Kotel is a beautiful site. It reminds us that we are all G-d’s holy children. It reminds us to reflect on what is really important in life. There are Jews wearing different head coverings and different clothing. But they are all standing side by side in prayer. And that is exactly what G-d wants.

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