Jews & Muslims Did Not Live in Harmony Before Israel

by Avi Abelow

Unfortunately, too many Jews dismiss the basic fact that the existence of Jews is a paradox for the theology of Islam, hence Jews were always treated as less than 2nd class citizens under Islamic rule, while everyone is treated as equals under the Jewish state of #Israel. Islam and Muslims were supposed to replace Jews as the chosen people, hence the theologic challenge.

Here is one of the more recent stories of Jewish persecution by the Muslim authorities, with the willing participation of friends and neighbors, the 1941 farhud in Iraq.

While there were periods of non-persecution and definitely plenty of stories of good relations between individual Jews and Muslims, David Collier provides us with some of the facts that bust the Jewish-Muslim coexistence myth.

The following is an extremely important twitter thread of truth by my friend David Collier.

I have even seen academics suggest it is true – using a silly argument that Jews had it better in Islamic lands than in Europe. Is the industrial slaughter of 6 million Jews really the bar we want to measure things by? That’s just twisted.

When you study the actual history you soon realise that Jews ‘knew their place’ and were suffering under numerous special Islamic laws – They weren’t just 3rd class citizens – they were defenceless and vulnerable to vindicitive accusations and frequent mob attacks.

There are examples everywhere – such as this report from a massacre of Jews in Tunis in 1857. There used to be 105,000 Jews in Tunis – now there are less than 1000.

Or this one from Algeria in 1806. Algeria used to have 140,000 Jews. Now there are none.

If 1806 is too far back, here is another one from Algeria in 1897

Another one from 1897 but this time from Libya, where Jews lived under the ‘extortion and tyranny of the Governor – being treated worse ‘even than those of Morocco’. Libya had about 40,000 Jews. Today there are zero.

This description of an attack on Jews in Mogador Morocco in 1889 – gives a pretty clear picture of what life was like there. Morocco had 265,000 Jews. About 99% left.

Another from Morocco – this time an attack on the Jews of Fez in 1912

How about a report on a massacre of Jews at Tzfat in 1834 – 83 years before the Balfour declaration

Or six years later in Damascus – the infamous blood libel. Syria had about 30,000 Jews. Today it is zero.

And let us not forget Jerusalem – where Arabs slaughtered Jews just two days ago. It was going on in 1834 – long before modern Zionism was an excuse that these Islamic murderers could hide behind

Or this description of the oppression of Jews in Yemen from 1857. There used to be about 63,000 Jews in Yemen – like many other Arab countries – today there are none left at all.

On and on it goes – a report on a massacre of Jews that took place in Yemen in 1923

Or a report on the Farhud – the massacre of Jews in Iraq in 1941. Iraq’s Jewish population was about 135,000. The population today is zero.

In the 20th century – when Arab nationalism was added to the Islamic mix – massacres against Jews occurred with great frequency all across the MENA region – such as this massacre of in Algeria in 1934

It is a long history of abuse – massacres, forced conversions, kangaroo courts, expulsions, evictions, kidnapping, and being forced to live as third class citizens in constant fear of their Muslim neighbours. Jews who dared to speak out – often ended up dead.

So don’t let ANYONE lie to you about what life for Jews was like. Just look at the Arab world today – and see how they treat their minorities now. Israel is a refuge to Jews who came from everywhere.

The above are just a handful of examples. There are plenty more to see in this article: (If you can – please help to support my research – links in article).

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